Antoine Guédès

Game Designer

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+32 493 66 63 58



Aseprite, Pyxel,
Blender, Photoshop,
Illustrator, After Effect

Game Engine

Construct 3, Godot, Unity


HTML, CSS, JavaScript,
JSON, Git, Cordova

Soft Skills

Creativity, Adaptability, Mentorship, Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Time management


Haute Ecole Groupe ICHEC - ISC Saint-Louis - ISFSC

Bachelor in Writing Multimedia, Computer Science

Graduated in 2012


French - Mother tongue

English - Fluent

Dutch - Basics

Work Experience

Sleeping Panda Games Indie Game Developer

Brussels, Belgium | Sep. 2015 - Present

In my free time I create video games. I participate from time to time in gamejams to challenge myself and develop my creative skills. Sometimes alone or in a team depending on the jam duration.


Baby Dino Adventures

Jul. 2018 - Present

A cute platformer currently in Early Access on Steam.
My first commercial title. Still actively in development.


Flexible Frosty

Aug. 2020

A puzzle platformer made for the GBJAM 8.
We ranked #4 on a total of 261 entries.


Keep chicks alive!

Apr. 2020

A Nokia 3310 platformer made for the Ludum Dare 46.
We ranked #781 on a total of 4.959 entries.


A Ghost Story

Aug. 2019

A GameBoy-like top down game made for the GBJAM 7.
We ranked #26 on a total of 113 entries.



Jul. 2016 - Jun. 2018

An infinite runner featuring a t-rex on a bicycle.
Released on Android, Apple Store, and Facebook Instant Games.


Focus Home Interactive Beta Tester & Level Designer

Paris, France | Jul. 2009 - Aug. 2009

I got the opportunity to be one of the beta testers of TrackMania Wii and TrackMania DS games. I was in charge of creating several solo campaign tracks using their built-in level editor, and also got the opportunity to record time ghosts and report bugs/provide improvement feedbacks.


Skateboard, comic books, video games, gamejams.